My name is Candace.
I write beautiful software.

I long for meaningful work that connects my heart to the world and those on my team. While I have many years of leadership experience, my current priorities are to grow personally and hone my technical skills. How can I help you?

I have a broad and deep skillset.

From UX and mobile-first to engineering and scalable architecture, I offer a comprehensive ability to design, build, and deploy great software.

And a lot of experience.

Here's a sample of recent work.

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I lead the effort to develop a WordPress theme for this French food producer Materne. Includes ZenDesk API integration and plenty of Lottie animations.

Broncoscope Cost Calculator

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Written in Vue.js and PHP, this sales calculator responds to user activity to generate a PDF.

Adobe's Bully Project Mural

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Adobe made a big fuss about this backbone.js-driven mural. They showcased the project during this Adobe MAX 2014 keynote. The concept was simple: A responsive grid combined with a Behance data source, creating a safe space for artists of all kinds to share their ideas about bullying. Adobe Studios provided the design, which I executed. I had a blast making subtle refinements in the experience, with beautiful results.

The experience has held up well over the years and across new browsers. I no longer maintain it.

Vacasa Connect

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This project is dear to my heart. Known as a workhorse for the company, Connect has served as a RESTful API for Vacasa's monolithic data and business logic. Now that services have a consistent interface for that data, we're able to decouple chunks of the monolith into new services and modernize.

I introduced json:api to the company with this project and it has since been adopted as a standard.

I was the tech lead on the team that created this service. I wrote the OpenAPI specification that drives the documentation.

Corporate Tax Helper

I designed and built an application that managed and generated 1099 E-Files and PDFs for Vacasa. It included a thorough, regex-driven validation process, and also used a job manager to kick off and manage asynchronous processes.

Vacasa Units API

I was a senior engineer on a great team where we built a RESTful, json:api-ready API service to present business logic at the heart of what Vacasa is: homes.

I bootstrapped the project and designed the Features module. This module required we translate home data from a monolithic and more complicated structure into a new service with a simplified design and its own source of truth. And keep both systems live and in sync at all times.

I picked up a new programming language and framework with this project.

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Exterro is a legal "e-discovery" platform. I rebuilt their mobile-first site from the ground up using CraftCMS. This project includes a blog, showcases several products, and includes a resource library. I wrote several Craft plugins to support this site.

EntityModel ORM

When I arrived at Vacasa, the engineering team was using a proprietary object-relational mapping (ORM) library to manage access and simplify the use of their monolithic database, called "EntityModel". We realized that for one, this ORM reinvented the wheel in PHP - when there are several widely used, full-functionality ORMs available. As our plans for PHP-based microservices started to take hold, we knew we needed our models to have the capability of one of these pre-existing ORM libraries. As our microservices were intended to be Laravel-driven, it made sense to adopt Laravel's ORM, "Eloquent".

I rebuilt EntityModel to both support existing instances of the library and be forward-compatible with Eloquent. So now the models can use all the Eloquent bells and whistles without having to refactor any existing models.

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